December 6

Sunday nights are always hard. I'm not sure why Sundays are harder than Mondays, but I guess trying to get ready for church, trying to make sure the kids behave at church, and the lack of our normal routine has something to do with it. And sunday night dinner is always a struggle. I should probably try to use the crockpot more or something, but most Sundays we have pancakes for dinner. Not super healthy, but I did start making them with cottage cheese to increase the protein content. And they are fast and everyone loves them. I don't know if anyone is still even reading our blog, but if you are and you have tips for how to survive Sundays, I would love to hear.

Judah got to start with morning with a quick game of scrabble with Gramma. We start 'em young around here.

 And Naomi especially loves pancakes, as you can see here.
 This is my two youngest trying to make themselves burp. Yes, even the baby likes to try.


Catherine said…
So happy to see you blogging again - and yes, people are reading! Scott and I do take-and-bake pizza every Sunday night; this has been our tradition for about four years now. Thin crust, light cheese + healthy toppings make it seem like less of an indulgence, but it's still something fun to look forward to. Most of all, I like not having to think of what to eat... or do much prep work at all.

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