December 23

All the trip preparations have been leaving me rather stressed - trying to get packed with clean laundry and have the house clean has been a lot to do on top of working every day this week to make up for the time I'm missing next week. I know it will all be worth it when we are with our family, but today I feel like the last two days have basically consisted of me being grumpy with my kids, cleaning, laundry, and more cleaning. And the house still feels messy. Sigh.

But after naps today I took a little break to play. We broke out some new sidewalk chalk, and Ezra earned his spot as a sous chef in our play kitchen. I made noodles and peas for dinner, which no one whined about, so I'd say the day ended on an upswing. The first photo was shot by Judah. And is easily better than any other picture I took today.

(except maybe for this last one. Cause, I mean, those blue eyes.)


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