December 1

I realize I haven't blogged in 6 months. Since I'm going to participate in the December Photo Project again this year, I thought it might be a great time to try to dust off the keyboard and type a little. I last blogged in June, when we were still at the beginning of our hospital stay. We ended up staying in the hospital until August 3, after a cross-country hospital transfer, a surgery with a g-tube placement, before finally getting a medical routine that worked for Ezra. Things have been going really well since we left the hospital in August. Apart from one little g-tube falling out incident, we haven't had to make any unscheduled hospital or doctor's visits, and his blood sugars have mostly been very well controlled. I feel like mostly he gets low when I give his medicine a little late or wait too long between meals.

And today, our sweet, sweet boy turns one. I cannot believe it. This year has been a lot of things: hard, sad, scary, but also joy-filled and beautiful as our family has been loved on and supported by so many different friends, family, and acquaintances. God has remained good to us in spite of the struggles we faced. And so today, we celebrate this boy who has brought our family so many smiles and laughter.


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