Sewing updates!

There are still a few projects I'd like to finish before this baby comes, but I have been pleased with the three things I've been able to sew recently. First up was a new geranium dress I made for Naomi a few months ago. I had bought this fabric ages ago, intending to sew a dress and was happy to finally get it done. I love the fabric and of course sewing this one made me want to do a few more. While I was at it, I also made a smaller dress for a friend's baby since I always feel like it is just as easy to make two at the same time.
Here is Naomi wearing the dress, which looks even more adorable on.
My thirsty, post-nap model:
I loved this fabric, too:

The really big project, though, was a twin-sized quilt for Naomi's eventual big girl bed. Even though she's going to be in a toddler bed for a while, I wanted to make something that would last longer than the toddler bed stage. I was thinking that I had essentially copied exactly this quilt from a favorite crafting blog, but looking back it turns out mine is definitely different. I love the colors and chevrons. Maybe one day I can post a more up close photo of the fabric.

I think it took me 18 months to finish Judah's quilt, so I was worried it would never get done before the baby was born. But using bigger squares and knowing a little better what I was doing meant that I was able to finish it in just about 2.5! It feels great to be done.


Sue Tell said…
Such beautiful projects!
j... said…
Aubrey, I was cleaning up my blog (from ages ago) & ran across a comment from you. I figured I would check in (if you even remember me) & see how things are going. Your children are adorable (even the one inside!)--congrats again! Hope all is well. Residency is over for me now, I'm in a low-stress clinic-based family medicine practice in NE Washington state. Blessings!

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