The great room change

To get ready for this baby (who is coming in 7 weeks or so !!), we put a toddler bed into Judah's room for Naomi to sleep in. We haven't actually started letting her sleep in there yet, since I keep going back and forth between wanting to switch her before the baby comes and waiting a few months until the baby actually needs his or her own room.

But while my mom was here, I figured it would be the best time to go ahead and get everything ready. Here is the "before" shot, messy bookshelf, unmade bed and all:

And here is the "after" shot:

I'd still like to hang more stuff on the walls to make this space above Naomi's bed a little more girly, but I was very happy with how nicely everything fit. You can see Judah's little feet,  testing out the new bed.

And here is Naomi trying it out. She loved it. She frequently says she wants to sleep in her new bed before bed and nap time, so I may try to go ahead and move her sooner, but I'm totally nervous about how it's going to go. (Also seen in this photo is the new quilt I made, which will get it's own post soon.)
I also decided that putting together Ikea furniture while there are toddlers around should be some kind of Olympic sport. I certainly would not have been able to get this done without my mom, who both helped with the furniture assembly and kept the kids occupied while I tried to finish.


Anonymous said…
How Fun!! And yes - putting together IKEA stuff is an Olympic sport!! Ha!!
Jen Clary :)

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