I have been very jealous of all the snow pictures I've been seeing on Facebook. I know that those who have been pounded with snow would be jealous of the beautiful LA weather we've had, but I would have loved to be in SC for the big snow storms they got.

Instead, I had to settle for rain. The way the weather people talked about this rain storm reminded me a lot of how snow storms are talked about in the South. It did rain intermittently for 3 days, which is definitely the most rain we've seen since moving here, though in my mind it's still hard to understand why there was so much fuss. We made the most of it by going out and playing.

 Obviously, it wasn't that cold - Naomi's flip flops are a testament to the mildness of the weather.

 The most fun thing we did was play a game Judah called "River" - a game in which I made tiny boats out of aluminum foil that we then launched down the run-off from the rain.

And of course, after playing in the rain, we all came in and drank hot cocoa. It wasn't a snow storm, but we'll take it.


Sue Tell said…
Okay, I have to be honest. Those are darling pics of the kids, but I'm glad the rain waited till after I left.

Thank you for a wonderful time.

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