We had a great visit with Jeff's mom and drove down to the Long Beach Aquarium while she was here. I always love aquariums, and this one was no exception. One of my favorite parts? The Chambered Nautilus! I have never actually seen one of these swimming around, but it looked like something out of a deep space alien movie. I guess I assumed they moved more like a snail, with the shell on top and so was surprised to see the shell in front.
Judah's favorite part was the outdoor play area complete with water spraying animals.
There were also penguins and seals,
and my other favorite, jelly fish. I think I could watch these guys swim around for a long time.

The reef exhibit looked just like the scenery in Finding Nemo.
After the aquarium, we came back and played outside for a bit. Naomi is really getting into holding and picking flowers, which is extra cute.


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