A comparison.

At her four month visit, she weighed in at 14.5 pounds - basically twice her birth weight. She was also in the 85% for height. And her head is only around the 70% - my doctor joked we should do a workup on her for microcephaly. (You may remember that Judah's head has always measured in the 99% - so big that we had discussed needing to do some sort of imaging to make sure things were normal, though ultimately decided it wasn't necessary.)

She is really getting to a fun age - lots of laughing, smiling, cooing and interacting. She rolls over both ways now and is starting to rotate while she lays on the floor.

She still doesn't sleep great, but I feel like we are finally starting to make some progress. I put her in bed earlier now and it really seems to help. Plus I'm being more diligent about getting her down for naps on a better schedule, which also is helping.

We love our sweet Naomi Ruth.
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