Our weekend.

I really didn't mean to step away from here for almost two weeks. It always amazes me how with two kids a week will pass and I feel like I just blinked. And did some laundry.

We have had a busy last few weeks in between going back to work and then taking a trip to california. Those of you who know me in real life (or at least on facebook) will recognize these photos from my instagram feed (@aubreyruth)this past weekend.

Jeff, Naomi, and I all flew to Los Angeles. Naomi did great on all the flights, and also on our long layover in Cincinnati on the way back. Judah enjoyed his stay with my parents so much that his first words to me after not seeing me for four days was, "You no come here. This not your house. I want Nana to get me up from bed."
I didn't really talk about it before hand because I don't like to broadcast that we'll be out of town. Jeff had a job interview and it was great that the three of us could all go out together.
One morning we drove all around Burbank, where many of the movie studios are located - including the Disney animation studio.
It was very cool to see the Warner Brother's water tower (which I didn't get a pic of) and also the Hollywood Sign. Thanks to an elder who knows Burbank really well, we got a great view. Los Angeles is much more beautiful than I would have guessed - it's surrounded by mountains AND right next to the beach.

All in all we had a great weekend.
We liked the church we visited, and thought it was fun that this intersection was just a few blocks away...


Sue Tell said…
And ...

I laughed at Judah's comment. I remember returning from a week long trip with Bill when Dave and Jeff were 5 and 4. Dave's (I think it was Dave) first words to us were ... "Are you home already?"

We were glad they enjoyed their babysitters so much.

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