Hello, endorphins.

I just got back from the gym.

It's the first time I've been there since before Naomi was born. I cannot even tell you how good it feels. A recent run-in with the scale (!!) was the last prompt I needed to get my butt in a (faster) gear. I've been fairly diligent about walking (our dog pretty much requires it or will drive us insane) but hadn't quite been able to coordinate a trip to the gym with my sweet baby's nursing schedule.

Now that we are finally in a better routine with her, I was able to leave her and a napping Judah at home with my awesome husband while I went and elliptical-ed my way into a better attitude. I think the walls of our house had started to close in on me, maybe even more than I realized, since I haven't gone anywhere without my 10-lb (a guesstimate) partner in crime since she joined our family. Although I was worried how she would do, apparently Jeff was able to get her to fall asleep fairly easily, leaving him with a quiet house and two napping children.

As much as I love her, getting away where I can't hear her cry or worry about getting her to nap what just what the doctor ordered.

In between a 4-5 hour stretch of sleep last night and now this gym trip, I feel like a new woman. Now I just need to work on that number I saw on the scale....


Pam said…
That's great you got to the gym -- by yourself! I do think you should go easy on yourself and not worry about what the scale says quite yet -- you did *just* have a baby!!

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