Judah's arch enemy.

My two year old doesn't actually have an arch enemy. But he talks like he does.

"Somebody pushed me over. Dat not nice," he tells me if he falls over.
"Somebody ate my cookie," he says when it is all gone.
"Somebody tore my paper."
You get the idea. That "somebody" sure is mean. It cracks me up every time he does it.

It also reminds me that I am not so different. When anything goes wrong in my life, I am quick to find someone to blame. And the someone I blame is usually not me. Just like Judah doesn't want to own up to his messes, I don't either.

I am working with Judah, explaining to him about how sometimes gravity makes him fall, how he ate his cookie and tore his paper. Trying to get him to own up it. And realizing that I need to own up to my own sins toward him and those around me if I ever want him to get it. More and more I realize that parenting is a completely humbling experience.


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