Two kids

It is amazing to me that such a small person can make life a lot more complicated.

I managed to get Judah, Naomi, and I to church in time for Sunday school on Sunday and was only 15 minutes late. I felt like I deserved a prize for that, especially since Jeff wasn't around to help since he had already left to preach at the other church he goes to.

Today the three of us ran some errands, including a trip to the post office. Handling a 4 week old, nearly three year old, and an armload of letters and a box also made me feel like I deserved a prize. (or a nap)

I've been reading some on this blog lately. It is just fantastic. I especially liked this post about c-sections and this one about infertility. She also writes beautifully about foster care, adoption, and being a mama. Lots of good stuff there.

I realize this is sort of disjointed, but I hear my baby screaming downstairs so I will stop writing and try to get her to stop crying.


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