Crafting for Naomi.

So I busted out my glue gun today to make some hair accessories. Bows are a nice and fast craft project - hopefully it will get my creative juices flowing. One of the white headbands actually has a loop where I can attach hair clips, so I imagine we will be rotating bows to try and match her outfits. Moms of girls - should I make two of each bow, or is one enough?

And here are all the ones I made today....


Katie said…
Very cute! It took forever for my first two to have enough hair for a bow. But my third has plenty! With girls 7, 4 and 1, we have LOTS of bows. One of each is good until she's ready for pigtails. So if you have extra ribbonmake a couple sets for later.
Jessi said…
I love your bows! I would make a few extra (maybe more) even though you don't need lots of them yet. By the time you need clips and bows all the time, you may not feel like making more! I want to figure out how to make them, but I haven't done it yet. We have lost so many bows... Edda has tons of hair so they are essential. :-)

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