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1. I'm currently reading a fantastic biography of Dietrick Bonhoeffer that I gave Jeff for Christmas. It is fantastic. You should get it and read it. I love when I get presents for Jeff that I get to enjoy too.

2. Here is an excellent interview with my favorite seminary professor about doing ministry. He apparently also just wrote a book that sounds very good.

3. The most awesome play I've ever seen in college football happened during the SC vs. Michigan bowl game. Go Cocks!

4. I have forgotten several things about having a baby. First, how during these first few weeks it feels like all you do is nurse the baby. Not that I mind - I loved nursing Judah and I love nursing Naomi. But since she falls asleep every time and we have to stop and burp and then repeat the whole sequence in just a few short hours sometimes it feels like that is all I do. Thanks to my husband and mother-in-law who is here now there is laundry being done, dishes put away, and a nearly three year old entertained. We are still trying to get into a good routine, but generally she loves eating. I had also forgotten how wonderful it is to rest with a baby sleeping on your chest. Something about the warm weight of them all snuggled up to you is a fantastic feeling. And the baby noises!! The sweet sighs/grunts/moans and stretches! I love them.

5. I had sort of forgotten about the post-pregnancy night sweats. I'm not sure how new moms can go days without taking a shower. I feel gross and sweaty every single morning when I wake up. Again, thanks to an awesome husband I can sneak into the shower for at least a few minutes every day.

6. Although I generally enjoyed having a winter pregnancy, having a winter post-pregnancy is not as nice. Instead of being able to wear flowy skirts that are forgiving to a recently pregnant body, I am mostly stuck wearing two different pairs of pants that are forgiving to a recently pregnant body. Thankfully I don't have anywhere I really have to dress up for yet.

7. Naomi and I went shopping for the first time a few days ago. Buying girl clothes is fun.


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