Porch update.

Remember our front porch?

The one hiding behind the scary enormous bushes?

We finally got a little more of our redo tackled on it. Two weeks ago we had our entire house pressure washed, including the porch railings and the back deck. I stained the porch last week and then we were ready to really start work on improving the curb appeal of the house. I love our new house numbers - it's hard to appreciate them in the bright light of this photo, but they look nice and more modern to me.

The hanging basket and window box I found at Aldi (who knew?), and the bushes we bought and planted Saturday.

There is still obviously more work to do - we need to fill in some more things in that bed and add a decorative border next to the grass, plus adding mulch for a neater look. I'm also envisioning a chair or two and a small table so maybe we can actually enjoy it.

I'm loving how much better it looks already....


Mark and Beth said…
it looks beautiful! great job!!! sad i don't get to walk past your house and admire your improvements anymore:(

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