The Olympics post.

I don't know about all of you, but the last week and a half I've been watching a lot of sports on TV. I love sports, but I have found myself watching canoeing, horse jumping, trampolining, and many other sports I normally could care less about.

A few thoughts:
1. I love the olympics. When we moved to Greenwood, the biggest reason we got cable was because of the 2008 olympics. I'm not sure if I have a favorite sport - I do love watching gymnastics, but seeing some of the other sports is also wonderful.

2. I think it is totally lame that you can tie someone in gymnastics, and then the person who had the lowest low score ends up winning the tie. I don't understand why you can't just award two bronze medals.

3. Judah loves to watch the diving. And the horses.

4. Although I love seeing many of the underdog-type countries do well, I cannot ever cheer for China. In addition to the awful human-rights abuses of the government and the despicable one child policy, there's this, an article that chronicles how the government basically kidnaps athletically-gifted children from their parents to force them into becoming elite athletes. I realize I do not understand the intricacies of Chinese culture, and that the government is not the only guilty part - the parents are as much a part of the problem. I want to see people who love what they do and are able to do it well, as opposed to some kind of robot who really had no say in the matter.

5. I often watch the olympics and think about what sports I could do based on how much the athletes in those sports looked like me. Years ago I decided that I could have been a speed skater - those ladies have strong legs and big hips, just like me. Now I also think that maybe I could play water polo. Unlike the pixie-like gymnasts or the super-lithe runners, those girls look more solid - just like me. Plus I have three brothers and have been on the receiving end of lots of abuse in the swimming pool.

6. Gabby Douglas is awesome. And she loves Jesus.


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