Some things.

1. I think that the fatigue and nausea of my first trimester is finally starting to ease. I definitely feel like I had it worse this time, although maybe it just felt worse since I'm also chasing around a two year old. Hopefully that means there will be more blogging. And a cleaner house.

2. We are now a paci-free household. Judah had been chewing on his pacis for quite a while and ended up chewing holes in the three or so pacis we still had around. He wasn't really satisfied to use a paci with a hole in it, but I wasn't about to go and buy another one when we needed to be stopping anyway. He has asked for it a few times at naps and bed time, but overall seems to be fine without it.

3. We had a picnic today. Outside. Those not living in SC may not understand what this means, but for the last few weeks our average temps have been in the mid nineties to low hundreds with humidity in the 80% range or higher. Just walking outside to the mailbox has been miserable. Thankfully, some cooler weather has moved in and we enjoyed some yard work and actual playing outside.

4. I completed an actual sewing project! As part of my early pregnancy symptoms, I had no interest, desire, or energy to work on anything like that. But I finally was able to finish something I started months ago AND clean up my sewing room.

5. We are going to transition Judah to a regular bed at some point so this baby can use the crib. Anyone have any tips on when to do it? The baby will be staying in our room for the first several months, so I could theoretically wait until after the baby is born. But maybe it would be better do it sooner?

6. I'm definitely writing a booklet called "How not to run your Church search committee" when all the job search stuff is over with. And that's all I'll say about that.


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