I think I'm actually starting to believe we'll be bringing home a baby in December. I feel like I was fairly nervous during my pregnancy with Judah, but I guess our last loss has made me even more nervous. I trust and believe that God is good, no matter what happens, but I know I should have more faith that everything will be fine. So I bought a baby outfit. It was on clearance at Old Navy - this gray, chevron-striped baby pajamas. (Because, you now, gray and chevron stripes are very hip right now and I definitely want my baby to be hip) I debated about buying it - part of me felt like I was being almost presumptuous to buy something so early. But I put it in my basket, choosing instead to hope and believe that this baby that I'm beginning to feel kicking and moving will come home with us in just a few short months. I know there are no guarantees. I have had too many friends and acquaintances walk through trying and difficult times during pregnancy. But I'm thankful for what God has given us so far. And I'm getting more and more excited about the tiny baby feet that will slip into some gray striped foots pajamas.


Sue Tell said…
I have been pondering the concept of hope a lot lately. It is a very positive concept.

We too are looking forward to seeing our new GRAND in the new footie, gray striped chevron pjs!
Carin said…
Such a sweet snapshot of hope

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