Latest sewing project.

Here is the project I finally finished this week. It has been lying untouched for months and cluttering up the sewing room. As part of my burst of cleaning energy, I also finally finished it - a new card table tent for Judah.

 I don't exactly have a source for this - I did a google search and found lots of fun pictures of tents people had made and tried to incorporate my favorite parts.

So far, Judah's favorite part is definitely the mail box, which is right by the front door. He loves to pass letter in and out.

I included a bird bath and bird house. I will definitely be making at least one more bird.

This might be my favorite side. There are apples to pick, although the apples are currently in need of some stems.

The last side, complete with a small garden where Judah can pick flowers.
So far, Judah seems to be really enjoying it. I'm happy to be done and glad Judah has something new to play with!


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