A Mocktail.

Although not morally or otherwise opposed to alcohol, Jeff and I rarely drink. I prefer to eat my calories, and don't love the taste of beer or wine. Thus our near tee-totaling state. I barely even think about wanting to drink something alcoholic.

Except when I'm pregnant. It's like because suddenly I can't drink for nine months, I suddenly feel the overwhelming urge to have a woodchuck hard cider or a nice cold margarita. Sigh.

I had some very ripe watermelon in the fridge leftover from a church lunch and knew that it would never get eaten, so I decided to make my own mocktail. I threw all the watermelon into our food processor and blended it until smooth. To make my drink, I mix equal parts watermelon juice with diet sierra mist and throw in some mint leaves then give it all a stir with some ice.

It's cold, refreshing, and the mint really makes me feel like I'm drinking something fancy.

Any other favorite pregnancy drinks?


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