Did you know this?

We are currently in the middle of a long, bleak, sports winter. It's this long season every year between the end of the baseball season in October, and the beginning of the next baseball season in April. The bleak mid-winter, in which there is virtually no reason to turn on the tv, or check ESPN. Sure, for a little while you can get by watching college football. And yes, I go to the requisite football parties, pretending to be knowledgeable, even though I've never once noticed a penalty before the refs called it. But after the New Years bowl game bonanza, the pickin' get even slimmer. It's even harder to pretend to be interested in the NFL. Thankfully, by January it's already playoff time for the NFL. And the Superbowl is a fun watch despite the fact that there is a football game breaking up the ads.

After that, though, the last dim lights of sports interest have extinguished until Spring Training. Golf has started again, but Tiger won't play for a couple more months, so that's no good. I checked ESPN the other day, to see what they talk about this time of year. Apparently the NBA is still going on. Did anybody know about this? I kinda figured that after Michael Jordan retired that the whole league just kinda sorta decided to do something else. But I guess not. Weird. So there is that possibility. But still, I think I'll wait for spring training.


Jason said…
Pitchers and catchers report to most teams TOMORROW! Oh, and in March you can watch college basketball if you're so inclined. I gave up on the NBA long ago, and besides I don't even have a home team any more.

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