Big Red Ball Red

This post is a shout out to our nephew Sam. Hi Sam!! Sam is two. The last time Aubrey and I got to visit Sam was back around Thanksgiving. Sam is very smart, and very talkative, and loves balls. Especially his big red ball. Sam is also a very diligent learner. He loved to carry his big red ball around the house and quiz himself... "what color big red ball?" "big red ball red."

I've been feeling especially kin unto Sam recently. I've just begun trying to learn German as part of my most recent masters degree. I like to use it regularly, so I stay sharp, but I only know a few words. I can't carry on a conversation yet, so I just walk around the house saying...

"Welche farbe roten ball?"
"Roten ball ist rot."

Keep up the good work Sam! Let's hang out soon!


Melanie said…
I love it. In addition to quizzing, Sam also recommends a little self-coaching for good measure. Maybe you could learn the German phrases for "put fingers down, thumb up" as you remember how to give a thumbs up, or for "get feet to edge, then jump!" as you're working on jumping off the bottom step.

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