7 Quick Takes

1. I had some blood work drawn at the hospital on Thursday. And it took me about 15 minutes to find the outpatient lab. Seriously. And when the lady who checked me in tried to give me directions, I stared at her blankly because I really didn't have any idea where she was talking about. Apparently, there is a whole part of the hospital I didn't even know existed.

2. Even though I've been a resident for 18 months, I had not actually been able to successfully intubate someone. Combining my lack of opportunities to do it with having a hard time when I did resulted in several unsuccessful attempts. Thurday, though, I finally conquered my fears and successfully intubated a patient just prior to surgery. Thinking of my nephew Sam (read this comment), I gave myself a little mental review of all the things to do to be successful. And it worked. Woo-hooo. I no longer have to feel inadequate because of my lack of intubations.

3. Every time I watch Food Network, it makes me want to cook whatever it is they are making on the show. This works out well when it gives me good ideas for dinner, but not so well when it makes me want orange-creme filled chocolate cookies or raspberry pound cake with whipped cream on top.

4. My husband gives really good gifts. I am constantly reminded of this. One of his gifts this year was a swim cap. It may not seem like much, but I really, really hate the way my hair feels when I get out of the pool -- like sticky, brittle straw. He knew this, and hence the appearance of the swim cap under the tree. Now I don't have that problem anymore. I love my husband.

5. I hate insurance paperwork. I hate the signing of so many papers, the need for prior authorizations, the writing and re-writing of license numbers. Only to have the insurance company "lose" the papers after you fax them. Grrr. I worry that putting the government in charge of health care will only make this worse. I hate when non-physicians try to tell me how to take care of my patients. I worry that this will also get worse if the government is in charge of health care.

6. I know lots of people out there are praying for Jeff and I. I have had much more peace about this whole situation recently, and I thank you all for your wonderful prayers. I also praise God, our Prince of Peace, who I know has been sustaining me.

7. I recently re-started For Whom the Bell Tolls. I read/skimmed this in high school but remember almost nothing about it. As much as I love reading, I am ashamed to say I have never gotten into Hemingway. I wish I could. I like it when I can honestly say that I enjoyed this or that classic novel. Mostly, though, this book has been helping me to fall asleep at night. The same thing happens when I read Faulkner. (Sorry to any Hemingway/Faulkner fans out there.)

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Melanie said…
Makes me wonder what other pearls of wisdom Sam has to share ... all I know now is that I just cleaned raisin bran off his eyebrow. Can that help you?
Debbie said…
It is so nice to know that there is someone else who doesn't "click" with Hemingway. I have tried, I really have but other than his beautiful use of language I just can't do it anymore. I figure that there are too many other classics out there that I will enjoy.
We are with you on number 5. Scary!
Aubrey said…
Thanks for sharing your Quick Takes! I had to click on this link and see who the other Aubrey is. When I looked at Mr. Linky, I thought that I had hit enter twice. Turns out no...that our name is not as unusual as I thought!

Cheers from Nebraska! :)
Ken Shomo said…
Jeff - swim cap - way to go.

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