25 things about me.

This has been going around Facebook for a while, and I've been tagged several times, but never wanted to participate. Then Jeff did it, so I thought I should. Here are 25 somewhat random things about me.... (And by the way, 25 is sort of a lot. By the end I was kind of scraping the bottom of the random-info barrel.)

1. Although I'm not grossed out by much, I HATE that sound guys make (I swear - it's only a sound they make) when they're trying to get all the snot out of the back of their throat.

2. I have three brothers, so guess what sound I heard a lot growing up?

3. The other thing that grosses me out is the food particles that float in the sink when you are doing the dishes. Ewww.

4. I don't have much of a southern accent, in spite of living here nearly all my life. It does come out occasionally, though, especially when I'm talking to older people from the South.

5. Even though I've competed in several 5Ks, 10Ks, and a half marathon, I still sometimes hesitate to call myself a "runner."

6. I rarely wear makeup. Still.

7. I started sewing during my third year of medical school and now it's my favorite hobby.

8. I love the smell of clean laundry.

9. The first cassette tape I ever bought was Michael W. Smith. The first CD was Handel's Young Messiah.

10. The first secular music I liked was U2 and Counting Crows - two of my favorite bands still.

11. I spent a year in seminary in between college and medical school. Everyone I meet now always thinks that I must have changed my mind about something during that year that made me want to be a doctor. Then I have to explain that I just wanted to do something different for a year before starting the long process of becoming a doctor.

12. I did meet my husband at seminary. My brothers like to tease me that I went there for the sole purpose of finding a husband. But honestly, I figured no pastor would ever consider marrying someone who wanted to be a doctor. And who didn't really play piano. Thankfully, I was wrong.

13. I love all forms of chocolate, except chocolate-flavored cake. The only chocolate cake I like is homemade german chocolate, and this killer texas sheet cake my mom always makes for my birthday.

14. I took Latin, German, and Spanish in high school. I kind of have a thing for languages.

15. My secret dream job would be to write and take photos for National Geographic.

16. The best part of my work day is when I get to deliver babies. Or do ultrasounds.

17. I love my husband. And being married to him.

18. I never really drank coffee until I started residency. Now I drink it every day. When I miss a day, I get a killer headache.

19. I'm a fairly adventurous eater and will try almost anything. At least once.

20. I have a strong sense of smell and always know if Jeff's been eating something like chocolate or has gone to the pool when he gives me a kiss.

21. Peru is my favorite place to go outside the US, sort of my home away from home.

22. I easily cry at movies or reading books.

23. I loved almost every part of my four years of medical school. (Yes, I'm sort of a dork who has always loved school.) The only exception would be the 8 weeks of my surgery rotation, which felt like the longest 8 weeks of my life.

24. Apart from babysitting and doing some research in high school, this job I have now is basically my first.

25. My family lived in Germany for several years when I was young. I'm told I actually could speak a good amount of German when I was there, but forgot essentially all of it after we moved back to the US. Then I took it in high school, and have forgotten nearly all of that, too.


The Balls said…
amen to #1!!! i couldn't agree with you more...why on earth do they do that?!

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