We are bad bloggers.

Wow. It's been a whole week since our last post. That is just too long. But in that time, we've been on call, gone to Iowa and back, had several clinics, put up a Christmas tree, and with the help of my amazing mom, made 6 wreaths to hang up in our church. Things still left to do this week include: decorate our church for Christmas tonight, be on call, and host a couple who is interested in coming to our program for a few days this weekend. Of course that means I have to get our house a little cleaner. And clean the sewing room. Which right now looks like some sort of fabric hurricane blew through the room and then exploded.


Yesterday I got to come home early, which was a great blessing. And instead of rushing off to Bible study, I rested, took the dog running, and then Jeff and I had fun listening to our favorite Christmas CD and decorating the tree. We ate blueberry banana pancakes for dinner before I went to two different stores to search (unsuccessfully) for some ribbon to put on the wreath for my front door. It was just the evening I needed.

Jeff and I also wanted to say that we appreciate all the sweet comments and prayers for us. It really means a lot to know that there are so many people out there who care for us.

That was a rather scattered post, but we'll get some photos up later - from this weekend, maybe a few from the craft projects I've been working on, and hopefully even a few shots of our decorations. Hopefully things will slow down eventually and we'll have a more focused post in the near future.


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