December 1,2, and 3

So I'm a little late getting to this December photo project, but I do like the idea of just trying to post photos, since that requires a little less thought than actually writing something. So here are three photos for your viewing pleasure, taken in Iowa, which did technically happen in November, but I've been wanting to post them anyway.

My new, very sweet nephew Caleb. He loves to smile and is super ticklish.

Notice Sam moving? He is hard to capture without a flash. Notice all of the balls stacked inside the jar? That was also his doing.


Melanie said…
Nice perspective on our boys ... Caleb's chunky rolls and monkey-toes and Sam's love for balls in containers and never-ending motion. I'd say you know them pretty well now :)

By the way, Sam had a ball yesterday when he pulled the flags down off the counter. I asked him who made them for us, and he kept saying, "Aunt Aub-ee make flags! Aunt AUB-EE make flags!"

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