December 11

It is still raining here in SC. I don't think it's rained this much here for a long time. The tiny trickle of a creek that runs by our neighborhood became a raging river this morning - so noticeable, in fact, that I stopped the car on my way to work to take a picture.

Although that's not my favorite picture I took today. Sadly, though, I can't post that picture, because it's a photo of a beautiful little boy born on Thanksgiving day, one of my patients. (Darn that HIPPA). He was born to a sweet, young couple whose first baby was prenatally diagnosed with a fatal anomaly, but chose to continue their pregnancy because they don't believe in abortion. That baby was born just over a year ago, lived only 9 hours, then died. And on Thanksgiving day, I got to deliver their second child - a beautiful, perfect, healthy looking boy they named after his daddy, who has happily weeping as his son made his loud squawking entrance into this world.

Some days I really love my job.

That said, here is today's photo - the best burger and sweet tea joint in town.

Daily specials only $4.45 - come on over.


Totallyscrappy said…
We moved from Greenwood this summer and just the other day I was sitting at a traffic light thinking, "I could really go for some food from The Dixie." One of those great burgers and half and half and a cherry diet coke. Mmmm.

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