December 14

From the table decorations at our church Christmas meal.


Anonymous said…
Alright, What kind of camera did you get. The picture quality has jumped up in the last few posts. by the way I love them they are great.
Aubrey said…
This is actually the same point-and-shoot canon powershot that I have had for 5 or 6 years. This camera really takes great photos, especially in the macro setting. Maybe the improvement is in the picture taker. :) I use picasa free editing software - usually I just sharpen and then have the program automatically adjust the lighting, unless I decide I don't like the decisions the program made, in which case I adjust the lighting myself. I do really want at some point to get a new digital SLR and maybe photoshop so I can really have power over my photos, but I am fairly happy with my current set up.

Maybe the photos look better since I am currently taking photos every day - making me better just by having more practice.
sarahdodson said…
Beautiful photos!!

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