"I do" and $20 back in cash please.

Strange happenings in life at the Credit Union lately. Today we had a wedding in the branch. Yes, you read that right, a wedding in the branch. One of the tellers got married to her boyfriend right there in the extra office. The head teller officiated, two other tellers and the branch manager served as witnesses. Sadly I was refinancing a 2006 corvette for a guy with a midlife crisis in my office, so I didn't get to watch. There was plenty of extra cake, though. The head teller made a pound cake and brought fruit topping of some sort.

It was all a bit odd. I didn't know whether it was exciting, or whether is was sad. I think it was a bit of both. I don't think it was the girls first marriage, and they had been dating for like 5 years or so, and had a little bun in the oven, so they didn't really want much fanfare. And very little fanfare was just what they got. Although all we in the bank were quite excited and worked it up a bit, with some white ribbon and a "Great Love Songs from the 80's" cd. On the bright side they both had the afternoon off.

Shortly after the wedded bliss, a fellow came in stark raving mad, because someone's been taking money out of his account, and wait till he gets his hands on whoever it is... yada yada yada. Anyway, a short investigation turned up several reciepts with his signature on them, and he sheepishly remembered making the withdrawals. How many times over could I repeat this story, such is life at the bank.


Anonymous said…
Jeff - you are a great writer- ought to write a book - confessions of a banker...or what I learned about life from my bank! At least a magazine article!

Marriage in a bank - yuk! Nothing against the bank.

I'm sitting in my office - getting ready to head for home, its almost 4 pm and mom said its been snowing all afternoon in the forest.

We are working on getting ready to head to seattle. We have three days between moms pre-op and the surgery - so thinking of taking the ferry up to Victoria.

love ya both.

dad - and $20 please.
mom said…
Jeff - You make me smile!

I need to figure out what Sarah told me about getting notified when something new is on your blog. Dad came home tonight and asked if I had checked. Love to you both. Mom

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