Date night

Jeff and I had a great time last night. Through MUSC, I was able to buy 2 tickets to a minor league hockey game for only $8. We love cheap dates. First, we used a gift certificate Andrew and Melanie gave us for Christmas and went and got sandwiches at a local deli. I added a salad bar to my order for $3, ate a big salad, and just saved my sandwich. (I just ate it today) Then we went up to the Coliseum for the hockey game. The Charleston Stingrays played against the Greenville Grrowl. (It really is spelled like that.) And our home town players won. (I say hometown, though 80% of them are from Canada.) I like hockey. It's fun to watch, even though it is easy to lose track of where the puck is. And it's even harder to pay attention when all the usual antics of minor league sports teams are going on. There is the crazy guy dancing around throwing t-shirts to everyone, the local car dealer sending cars out onto the ice during intermission, the remote controlled dirigible that drops coupons out on the crowd, the cheerleaders/dancers who do their thing during these tiny snipets of music played whenever there is a break in the action, the personal injury attorney who has videotaped himself in certain situains where he is explaining the rules. Plus there is crowd: cute kids screaming at the t-shirt guy, crying inexplicably, dancing with the cheerleaders/dancers, and the ever present slightly intoxicated man who continually yells "knock him into the boards" and "hit him." Last night was military appreciate night, so also during intermission the different branches played tug-of-war. On the ice. You can probably imagine how that went. Then we got to come home, read in bed, and I didn't have anywhere to be early this morning. I love weekends.


Ken Shomo said…
I don't understand how women can just eat a salad. Especially if there is other food to be had.

I think it's funny when it's time for dessert at a restaurant and my wife says, "Do you want to split something?" I love to do so...but this is a learned rather than innate affection.
mom said…
Ken's comments are almost as entertaining as your blog ... but not quite. Glad you had a fun time.

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