Blue Planet

Jeff and I just watched this incredible show called Blue Planet. Produced by the BBC, it explores all the different areas of the oceans and all the unique and interesting animals found there. Tonight was "The Deep," exploring the depths of the ocean up to a mile down. There are these jelly fish that are totally clear, but light up as their cilia move, small spaceships moving through the expanse of blue. Some of them have these intricate webs that trail behind them to catch prey, some of them up to 40 meters long (i.e. 150 feet for those who prefer the English system of measurement.) Way down in the depths, where no sunlight filters, whole communities of organisms live by vents which release hydrogen sulfides. Bacteria then use this to make energy (the same way plants use sunlight to make energy) and all the other creatures are able to live off the energy produced by the bacteria.

Some of the fish down there have such huge teeth they can never even close their mouths. Apparently, every time there is a dive down to the depths of the ocean, a new species is discovered. I wonder how many more interesting creatures are out there that God made for us to enjoy.


Ken Shomo said…
I can watch those "mile down" creatures for hours. God is so creative!

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