I finally broke through the post-Christmas sewing burnout in time to make Naomi a little backpack. We have a friend babysit the kids on thursday morning while I'm at work, and now Naomi has a cute little bag we can pack with a few diapers and a water bottle for the trip. I again used the Toddler backpack pattern from Made by Rae.

I love everything about how this turned out and especially the fact that everything used was already in my stash. I only had an invisible zipper that was long enough, so that's what I used. I still have some leftover white fabric - maybe enough to make a little skirt. I think it's the piping that really makes this backpack look so nice. It's not hard to add but can turn a sort of ho-hum project into one that looks really sharp.

Is that weird to have a skirt that matches your backpack? Either way it would be adorable. The lining came out very cute, too. I love how girly this backpack is without being pink. Not that there is anything wrong with pink. Anyway....this was a great project to get the sewing juices flowing again. I've already mostly finished some Easter outfits for the kids, so you can look for those soon.


DocMama21 said…
catching up on your blog, and I LOVE this backpack. you need to start an etsy store (in all your spare time, I know :)) so people can buy your adorable crafts :)

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