Judah just had his fourth birthday. It's hard to believe that just four years ago, after one of the longest and toughest days we welcomed that little guy into our family.

He's not nearly so little now, full of thoughts and ideas and questions (and questions!) and funny and smart and sweet. He challenges me and most days I feel like I'm failing him. Thankfully I serve a God who doesn't. Motherhood is teaching me to pray.

The birthday boy requested oatmeal for his birthday breakfast. No lie. I did serve him the tastiest baked oatmeal and put sprinkles on top so it wouldn't be boring.
 After I picked him up from school we had a fun trip to the playground in his new four year old t-shirt. With Rockets. (You can see his one year shirt here, his two year shirt here, and I can't find a good link to his three year shirt.But it had a "3" on it in Thomas fabric.)
 (She's getting cute. I know this is a post about my 4-year-old, but I couldn't resist.)

We just had a little family celebration here on his birthday and are planning a bigger party with a few friends next weekend. I made his (and my) favorite chocolate cake, topped with three types of sprinkles (the boy loves sprinkles) and M&Ms.

We got him a new set that goes with the marble run he got at Christmas, a set which he would ask for almost every time we played with his marble run. You can see how excited he was to open it. We've been playing some non-stop marble run since we opened it.

Four is a fun and exhausting age. I'm thankful for the gift our son is to us and am looking forward to see him grow up!


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