I decided to take a break from the cute-photos-of-the-kids posts to write a little actual content. Shocker. I think the last few months all my energy has gone into the unpacking and getting settled and there has been little left over for blogging much content.

We are now almost 3.5 months into this great cross-country move. People often ask me how things are going and if we're feeling settled; I'm never quite sure what to say. I now know my way around Northridge, more or less. I can find Target, the mall, Lowe's, and the grocery stores. I have a few favorite running routes mapped out of varying lengths that I like to do. The people in the library are starting to recognize me.

These are trivial things, though. Do I feel at home here? I guess we're getting there. At the deepest level, home for me will always be with Jeff and my kids. As foreign as the world may seem outside the walls of our house, inside, with him, I feel at home. I am thankful for the way that the women at our church have welcomed me and I am enjoying getting to know them all.

But moving is hard. I knew ahead of time that it wouldn't be easy, and it hasn't been. I still miss my family and friends from SC. I still miss my job (though my CA license is finally valid and I have started the job hunt!).  I think I have forgotten that I was in Greenwood for six years - six years of bible studies, sunday mornings, play dates, craft nights, and afternoon runs with people I came to know and love. Who came to know and love me and my kids. I have been in this rush to try to replicate what I had there out here and I have amnesia about how long it took. Community doesn't develop overnight.

I'm glad we're here. I love seeing Jeff do what he loves to do. And we're getting there. Slowly.


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