I have posted lots of photos of Naomi recently but not as many of Judah. I still take photos of him, though it seems more of the photos of him are when we are doing stuff, and fewer of just his handsome face. I was glad I got these nice shots of him. He suddenly seems much older to me. He is very into telling me he loves me, a phase I'm hoping he doesn't grow out of anytime soon.
I frequently feel like I fail him. I think now that he is older and I see so much more of his personality I can see the person he is - a person I have the occasionally overwhelming responsibility to parent into an adult. I have been challenged lately to remember that I am not supposed to do it by my own power. I have also been very challenged to realize that many of his sins he is learning at the feet of a master - me. I am impatient and demanding with him and he learns to be impatient and demanding with me. I am selfish with my things and he is selfish with his.
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I love this boy and pray that God continues molding me into a better mother.


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