Two new softies

I have this idea in my mind that I'd like to include at least one handmade item in every year's Easter basket. I think this is partially because I really wanted to make something for Naomi that wasn't clothing this year, and I had bought a cute pattern for a stuffed bunny a while ago. Easter seemed like a great time to finally motivate myself to make it. The blog I bought the pattern from no longer is selling this pattern, although she does have a pattern for a really cute giraffe (wearing a neck tie!!) that I'd like to try soon. So here Naomi is, enjoying her new bunny.

Since I was making Naomi a fun handmade gift, I decided I should also make one for Judah too.I busted out my copy of the Wee Wonderfuls book (which has lots of great toy patterns, including quite a few that are appropriate for boys) and sewed this cute guy. I was very happy how much Judah likes him and his button wheels.The original pattern calls for more handsewing and embroidery, but I sort of cheated and did some easy machine embroidery. Even without the hand sewn parts, Judah's new little trolley car is awfully cute and friendly. Now he just needs a name....
We'll see how long this lasts. Even if it is only something I manage to do once in a blue moon, I do love how both of these toys turned out.


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