3 months

I did a little 3 month photo shoot Wednesday, thankful that it was finally warm enough to do it outside. The photos just look better when you take them outside.
I wish I had some stats I could post about how she's growing, but alas she STILL hasn't had her two month well visit. Sigh. I've got to call and make an appointment tomorrow. She is growing, I can tell, but it would be nice to know specifically.
She makes lots of noises and blows raspberries at me all the time, something that Judah never really did. She loves "talking" to me (or anyone else, really) and I'll hold her and we'll coo back and forth. It is wonderful. She is also almost laughing. I've gotten some really good chortles out of her, so I know we are getting close to the belly laughing stage. I can't wait.
She isn't rolling over yet but she is also really close because when she is tired of the bouncy seat she arches her back in such a way that she almost flips over. I realized this week I need to strap her in or she's going to vault out of that thing.

Sleep is still an adjustment, but I decided that she would probably do better if I just moved her to the crib. I also think I'll do better because I don't sleep well when she is in our room in the bassinet. She is also starting to sleep less well in the swing so I think it's time. I foresee a lot of coffee in my future this week.

Sleep deprivation aside, Naomi has really been a wonderful addition to our family.


Sue Tell said…
What a beautiful little girl ... who is getting bigger and bigger.

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