Judah's funnies

I think I should have a regular series about the funny stuff Judah says. Here is the first installment.

Me: Judah, what do we celebrate on Easter?
J, in a big, excited voice: EASTER EGGS!!
(Pastor's wife hangs head in shame)
No, Judah, we celebrate Jesus!
[what is really funny to me about this is that we really haven't talked about the Easter bunny or Easter eggs at all. I think this was all coming from preschool discussions this week. We have been talking about how Jesus died and rose again. It is really cute to hear Judah call this "good news."]

Judah, watching me eat cereal this morning: mommy, I want some cereal.
I give him a bite of chocolate fiber one. He asks for another, and I try to give him a bite of Life cereal which was also in my bowl.
J: no, mommy, I want A brown one.
Eventually he asked for a bowl of his own, so I pour him a small bowl of the chocolate fiber one cereal.
J: I want the good morning ones, too.
I was perplexed until I thought about how I had two types of cereal in my bowl. I pour him some Life.
J: are those the good morning ones?
Me: yes.
Judah happily walked away, munching the "brown ones" and the "good morning ones".


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