Easy and Cute Christmas decoration

Since most of the projects I've been working on are presents, I haven't been able to post photos. Over the weekend, I started some other fun projects that are not top secret! Using the pattern found here, I made these trees, using some red felt from a very cheap christmas tree skirt I bought last year and then replaced this year. I also felted an old sweater of mine that I don't wear and used some of it for the blue trees. Even if you can't sew well, or even if you don't have a machine, you could still make these. It is only 2 seams, and then you stuff it and add some beans or rice to the very bottom for weight so they stand upright. Then you decorate to your heart's content! They are small, so it wouldn't take much cloth and you really can use anything - scraps of cloth or even old clothes--the possibilities are endless. You can also find a flickr group of these trees here, so you can see what other people did. By slightly altering the pattern, you can also make the trees taller.

To decorate mine, I used some old buttons, rickrack, and ribbon. It's an easy, quick, but cute decoration. Jeff and I think the red ones look like something that could come out of Dr. Seuss.

Check out other good tips here.


kel said…
I like those and think the kids would like making them.
Jenn said…
Pretty! What a great use for scraps.
scribbit said…
Those are really cute! I love ideas that make use of old stuff, saves on materials and makes me feel frugal. Good idea.
These are really nice! I'm sure they would sew together really quickly!

Nice job!

Becky said…
Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing.
Mrs. Darling said…
Oh I am so going to try these!!
Larae said…
Cute! =)
Anonymous said…
Great idea! a friend of mine just made "Gnome hats" using the same idea and adding a sheep's wool beard - great fun at her recent Gnomes and Fairies B-day party.

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