blogger tidbits.....

A few unconnected bloggable happenings.....

1. So right before Thanksgiving, it SNOWED in Charleston. In the almost 4 years I've been living here, we haven't even gotten ice before. But it snowed. Granted, it was only for 15 minutes, but still. Snow. In Charleston. And I missed it. I had just started my radiology rotation, and Jeff dropped me off at the hospital since the weather was cold and wet. After I went inside, it started snowing. Jeff tried to call, but since the radiology reading rooms are in the bowels of the hospital, I didn't get his call and never actually got to see the snow.

2. Last week on our way up to NC, Jeff and I stopped at a Taco Bell for dinner. While there, I checked my email. On my PDA. In TACO BELL. That is easily the strangest place I've ever gotten on the web.

3. This morning I ran (as a bandit, or whatever the term is for running in a race without paying) in the Reindeer Run. What a great race. Lots of dogs wearing antlers and bells. And kids in strollers. And costumes. And free doughnuts. (although running and donuts don't really mix in my mind, so I didn't partake.)

4. So here are a few photos of my Christmas decorations. I included a picture of the photo garland I made by printing a bunch of family photos and then glueing them to some Christmas card stock I got. An Easy, Cheap, but festive decoration! Plus it makes pics of our nephews more accessible! :)

5. Jeff and I got free good dinner night because one of the programs where I'm applying took us out. It's nice to be recruited. I had shrimp and grits and then chocolate cheesecake. Yummmm.


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