Blogger White Elephant

This month I participated in a White Elephant hosted by Megan at Half Pint House. Yesterday I finally got my gifts!! Funny. And they actually came from Megan herself.

Here they are:

First off, anytime I get a package that looks like this I get excited. I especially love all the stamps.

I received two videos. Paul Reiser's stand up, and a Carman video.

From the back of the Carman video: Time 2, hosted by Carman, is a high-energy program that deals with the hard hitting issues that face our youth and world today. Ours is called "Drug Abuse: Breaking the Chains." Now I really want to find a tape player so I can watch this video with "live interviews and on-location reports, top Christian Artists, their music videos, and biblical answers to real questions about a real world."

She also kindly included a wonderful-smelling candle that will definitely be put to use around our house this season. And she sent a camo-colored verse pack to my husband Jeff who had asked her about getting one. We really appreciate it. Thanks.

To check out the rest of the gifts, go here.


Megan said…
Hee hee - I'm a bit surprised that took as long as it did since I stamped it for two day mail. Oh well. Anyway, I thought those videos were hysterical, though I never watched them... Tell Jeff that if he wants a normal verse pack, I'm happy to send him one, I just thought it would be funny to send one like that with this particular gift...


Merry Christmas!!
Chilihead2 said…
THAT is hilarious! OMGosh I LOL at those videos! Classic, I tell you. Megan has this down to a fine art. I bow to the master.
Amy said…
Mmmmm, Rolos....that is a great idea too! Thanks for stopping by my site. I've never been to yours before so I'm going to go and have a peek!

Have a great day!
How fun! I'm still waiting for mine. :-)

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