High school

Today I went and spoke at my old high school. For my current rotation, we have to do these community projects which are supposed to involved some sort of quasi-research or community education or outreach. So I did mine about cervical cancer and HPV. (HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.) I went and spoke to a health class about cervical cancer, what it is, and what causes it. And we talked about HPV. I was kind of nervous. High school students can be sort of scary. Especially when they are all looking at you.

It was really wierd going back into my high school. The building is essentially exactly the same as it was: old, with old, frayed carpet, dingy walls, and various posters up about school activities and colleges. The kids looked young, except a lot of the girls had on more make up than I did. It has been 8 years since I graduated, and thinking about how my life was then, I am really glad not to be there anymore. I had good friends, but I have grown so much since then, especially in my Christian faith. You couldn't pay me to go back to those times. I spoke with one of my old teachers, and again thought how much I've changed since her class.

I think the presentation went well. Towards the end, I could tell I was kind of losing people, and one guy was definitely sleeping. (Considering how often I slept during class in high school, I sort of had it coming.) But people seemed interested, and didn't realize that cervical cancer was caused by a sexually transmitted virus. Which I certainly didn't know in high school, and probably didn't know until medical school. At the end of class, we played jeopardy, which they definitely liked. And I had candy for everyone, so at least they enjoyed that. I'm giving the same talk tomorrow, but will go into a little more depth with two AP classes. Hopefully it will go well again.


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