Circuit Rider

It used to be, back in olden days, that you would have circuit riding preachers. They would ride their horse around to all the country churches and preach in each town. I was on the circuit this morning. Aubrey and I rode our horses (civic) up to Andrews, SC, and I preached at the small PCA church. The pastor was out of town for the day and had gotten ahold of my name. It was fun. There were only about 30 people in the church. We went early for Sunday School with about 11 others. Then we had the service. I preached from Hosea 2, a passage we have recently gone through in Bible Study. Then we got taken out to lunch by one of the elders and his wife. They were very nice. It took a little under an hour and a half to get home.

Now Aubrey has just left to drive back up to Seneca for the week. This makes me very sad. We had a great weekend together, and got to go on a date last night to the Outback, one of our favorite places. Then we went and hung out at the bookstore for a couple hours, and topped off the night with a stop at Ye Old Fashioned, our favorite ice cream joint. We were very full, and very happy.


Ken Shomo said…
Circuit riding... the Outback... Ye Old Fashioned...

Sounds like you did some pretty serious time travelling.

Sorry to hear that you're without Aubrey again. I suspect she'll be back.

Anonymous said…
As I recall, most circut riders were methodists, no? The Presbyterians (Congregationalists back then) were too snooty to bring the gospel to the sticks.

Perhaps this is a sign that you should look beyond the Presbyterian fold and take up the pastorate of a good Methodist church.


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