Continuing the Circuit

This morning I completed my preaching circuit. I preached at Eastbridge Presbyterian Church in Mt. Pleasant. I thinks things went pretty well. They have two services, so I got to deliver my sermon twice. The first service was like a warmup. It was at 8:15 and there were about 20 people there. The second service was at 10:30 and had around 200. It was the first time I have preached using a mic, it through me off a little bit. I'm not used to hearing myself quite so well. It felt weird to not have to speak loudly to the people in the back. I think my least favorite part of preaching is the part where you walk to the back of the sanctuary afterwards, and shake hands as everyone goes out. Its just wierd. Lots of people smile and say "thank you," to which I smile and say "you're welcome." Which is wierd, because it makes me feel like I've just put on some kind of performance, on done a bit of charity work, and I now deserve great thanks. Other people come up not smiling, but then flash a quick smile as they shake my hand. I would love to know what these people are thinking. "I wonder what's for lunch, I'm so glad its almost lunchtime, oh look, this guy at the door looks familiar, where have I seen him before...?" The old people are my favorite to shake hands with, they always seem genuinely glad to see me. The teenagers walk by all akwardly not knowing what to do. I feel like I should be thanking them for the opportunity to come preach, and the fact that the honorarium in my pocket came out of thier tithes. But they are thanking me, and you can't just exchange thank you's, that's wierd. So I stand there saying "you're welcome."


Ken Shomo said…
Great post. You nailed it on that one.
Peter said…
I agree with Ken.

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