Saturday, March 30, 2013

Two new softies

I have this idea in my mind that I'd like to include at least one handmade item in every year's Easter basket. I think this is partially because I really wanted to make something for Naomi that wasn't clothing this year, and I had bought a cute pattern for a stuffed bunny a while ago. Easter seemed like a great time to finally motivate myself to make it. The blog I bought the pattern from no longer is selling this pattern, although she does have a pattern for a really cute giraffe (wearing a neck tie!!) that I'd like to try soon. So here Naomi is, enjoying her new bunny.

Since I was making Naomi a fun handmade gift, I decided I should also make one for Judah too.I busted out my copy of the Wee Wonderfuls book (which has lots of great toy patterns, including quite a few that are appropriate for boys) and sewed this cute guy. I was very happy how much Judah likes him and his button wheels.The original pattern calls for more handsewing and embroidery, but I sort of cheated and did some easy machine embroidery. Even without the hand sewn parts, Judah's new little trolley car is awfully cute and friendly. Now he just needs a name....
We'll see how long this lasts. Even if it is only something I manage to do once in a blue moon, I do love how both of these toys turned out.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Let's go fly a kite.

We had lots of fun on Thursday before my work shift started. As part of Judah's Easter basket I had found a kite at Walmart for about $1. The fun/cost ratio was excellent.
Hopefully we will have many more windy days to enjoy this kite.
I was actually surprised at how well a $1 kite can fly, even on a day when initially it didn't seem that windy.
Eventually we busted out our fish eye lens. Note to self: A fish eye lens is great for taking pictures of flying a kite. These might be my favorite photos of the kite-flying.
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Judah's funnies

I think I should have a regular series about the funny stuff Judah says. Here is the first installment.

Me: Judah, what do we celebrate on Easter?
J, in a big, excited voice: EASTER EGGS!!
(Pastor's wife hangs head in shame)
No, Judah, we celebrate Jesus!
[what is really funny to me about this is that we really haven't talked about the Easter bunny or Easter eggs at all. I think this was all coming from preschool discussions this week. We have been talking about how Jesus died and rose again. It is really cute to hear Judah call this "good news."]

Judah, watching me eat cereal this morning: mommy, I want some cereal.
I give him a bite of chocolate fiber one. He asks for another, and I try to give him a bite of Life cereal which was also in my bowl.
J: no, mommy, I want A brown one.
Eventually he asked for a bowl of his own, so I pour him a small bowl of the chocolate fiber one cereal.
J: I want the good morning ones, too.
I was perplexed until I thought about how I had two types of cereal in my bowl. I pour him some Life.
J: are those the good morning ones?
Me: yes.
Judah happily walked away, munching the "brown ones" and the "good morning ones".

Friday, March 22, 2013

3 months

I did a little 3 month photo shoot Wednesday, thankful that it was finally warm enough to do it outside. The photos just look better when you take them outside.
I wish I had some stats I could post about how she's growing, but alas she STILL hasn't had her two month well visit. Sigh. I've got to call and make an appointment tomorrow. She is growing, I can tell, but it would be nice to know specifically.
She makes lots of noises and blows raspberries at me all the time, something that Judah never really did. She loves "talking" to me (or anyone else, really) and I'll hold her and we'll coo back and forth. It is wonderful. She is also almost laughing. I've gotten some really good chortles out of her, so I know we are getting close to the belly laughing stage. I can't wait.
She isn't rolling over yet but she is also really close because when she is tired of the bouncy seat she arches her back in such a way that she almost flips over. I realized this week I need to strap her in or she's going to vault out of that thing.

Sleep is still an adjustment, but I decided that she would probably do better if I just moved her to the crib. I also think I'll do better because I don't sleep well when she is in our room in the bassinet. She is also starting to sleep less well in the swing so I think it's time. I foresee a lot of coffee in my future this week.

Sleep deprivation aside, Naomi has really been a wonderful addition to our family.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Single mom.

Jeff went to a conference over the last few days, and I suddenly got a much better understanding of what it must be like to be a single mom.

It was awful. Actually, I couldn't even hack it for 24 hours before I loaded the kids up and headed to my parents house. The few hours after I got home today and before Jeff arrived were super stressful as I tried to play with, feed, bathe, discipline, and put to bed a fairly fussy (nearly) 3 year old who didn't get much nap today. At various points I left Naomi crying on my bed, in her crib, or tried to hold her as I did these tasks. The only reason I managed to eat dinner was that she sat in the bouncy seat for a while as I quickly smeared some pesto on chicken and threw it in the oven while quickly chopping up some veggies for a salad.

Poor Jeff came home to a fairly messy house and a wife who was ignoring it while trying to do a bit of sewing to de-stress. I really don't know how single moms (or dads) do it. Especially not with more than one kid. I am very thankful that I have such an awesome husband. And awesome parents who helped with the parenting duties enough that I could take a bath, get my haircut (!!), and even go to the movies(!!!).

If I hadn't been able to visit them, my days would have been filled with lots more Thomas videos (for Judah), lots more time crying in a crib (Naomi), lots more tears (me), and lots less patience (also me). I really can't do it alone.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apparently he does listen...

The conversation Judah and I had just after our post-lunch outside play time.

Me: Judah, it's time to go in and take a nap.
J, whining: I no want to take a nap.
Me: The way you're whining tells me that you need a nap.
J, still whining/crying: I have better attitude, I no need nap.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Room update

My mom and dad came down this weekend to be available to watch the kids since I was on OB call and there was a possibility I would get called in. Since Jeff had watched the kids all week while I worked, he needed all day saturday to work on his sermon. In the end, I didn't have to go in, but we all enjoyed a nice visit with my parents. Mom and I were able to get some stuff hung up in Judah's room so it finally doesn't look so bare.
The animal prints are from this fun etsy shop.
I also searched on etsy for vintage train posters and found these two very cool vintage illustrations. Since taking this photo, I also added a clock to this little grouping. The clock was one we used to have hanging up in our living room, but I spray painted it with some leftover paint from the bed. Judah was very excited about the clock.
The letter and frame hanging up in the other corner were made by Melanie, my SIL, just after Judah was born. Judah is sort of obsessed with the letter J and says, "Dat's my J!" anytime he sees one. The wooden frame holds a page from an old hymnal with the hymn "All For Jesus" on it. Although Judah prefers that I sing him other songs these days, this is the hymn that we picked out to be "his" hymn when he was born. (Which reminds me that I need to pick out a hymn for Naomi. I'm leaning towards "Be Thou My Vision" but haven't totally decided yet.)
The picture hanging next to the window is one that used to hang up in my room when my brother and I shared a room. The picture above the dresser also coordinates with it.
I'd like to add a hook or two under the light switch and find a small bookcase or hang some shelves to put some books on. But I like that his room looks a little more lived in now.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Small things.

Although I am still thinking about much of what I read in Sensing Jesus, I had a few initial thoughts I wanted to write down. Actually as soon as I finished it, I wanted to pick it back up and start over. There is just so much good stuff there I couldn't take it all in during one read.  (I briefly posted about how much I enjoyed this book a few weeks ago, but didn't really get into any details about why. The book was written by one of my favorite seminary professors who is now pastoring a church.)

One of the bigger themes the book talks about is how pastors shouldn't begrudge small ministries. I had sort of always thought that when we left Liberty Springs, we would go somewhere... bigger. Somewhere God could really use Jeff, where he could do something important.

I was convicted, though, because my thinking that was basically a judgment on where Jeff has been ministering for the last 5 years. As if bigger is better. That small country churches are somehow less important than larger suburban ones. Dr. Eswine challenges pastors (and the rest of us, really) to realize that we may never be called to "successful" ministries or kingdom tasks. We may never publish a ministry-related book that everyone wants to read or lead a ministry that everyone talks about or wants to be a part of. This is not to say that we should be lazy, but only that in ministry (and in the rest of life) God uses the small things, the unimportant things, to shame the worldly and strong.

Although our church isn't much bigger than it was when we started, I think I can safely say that God has really used Jeff's time here. People have changed. God has used Jeff to give our church a better understanding of what the Gospel of Christ means. He has given ME a better understand of what the gospel is.

No one would look to our church as an example of numeric church growth, but that is ok. The people of Cross Hill are created in the image of God and are just as important as those who live somewhere like New York, and Jeff's ministry in Small Town, SC is just as important as ministry to those who live in Big City, USA.

So now when I think about where we might be next, I am excited about wherever God has called us, whether it's to a small church, or a bigger one - a little town or the big city. We want to be where God has called us.