Last days.

This is my last week working at my hospital.

I had my last clinic last wednesday, a clinic full of patients I have known for many years now. My favorite married couple patients came to see me. The husband prayed for me at the end of our visit and I cried. Another patient who I have seen through two pregnancies came to me with a brand new pregnancy. I got to show her the tiny little bean flickering away inside her and rejoice. I was touched she wanted to have one more visit with me before I left.

I am feeling wistful as I say goodbye to so many colleagues - the nurses, techs, therapists, cashiers, and technologists I have gotten to know over these last 6 years. I really am going to miss them. I have been incredibly blessed working at such a great hospital. Greenwood is not a big town, but we have a big town kind of hospital.

Lots of people have asked me what I'll do when we move. I do want to work, although I don't have a job yet. I didn't really want to look a lot until we knew where we'd live since LA is such a big place and I don't want a horrible commute. I'm also trying to get my California medical license straightened out ahead of time as well. I am already praying for a job that I'll enjoy and where I can use the gifts I've been given in a way that glorifies God.

It's hard to imagine finding a hospital as great as this one, but I am excited to see what God has in store!


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