Family update.

There has been a lot going on lately with our family, and I feel like I can finally spill the beans.

Jeff has accepted a call to a PCA church in Burbank, CA! Early June we'll be moving all the way across the country to Los Angeles to start the next adventure. We are, of course, super excited. And  bit terrified. (At least, I'm terrified.) I've never lived in such a big city. Or so far away from South Carolina. It is going to be a big adjustment, I'm sure, but I am so excited for Jeff to be at this new church.

I wrote a few weeks ago about small things. In some ways, this move feels like something bigger. LA is definitely bigger than rural South Carolina. But the church we are moving to isn't huge - it's about 50 or so people total, a church that has had some rocky times over the last year or so, so in many ways it still feels small. We certainly hope and pray that the church will grow larger, but I most pray that the folks there will come to a deeper understanding of God's love for them, and what Jesus accomplished.

This past weekend, Jeff went before presbytery in California and passed his ordination exams. You may remember a few years ago we went through a rather trying time when the presbytery here in SC failed him on his licensure exam. It was a tough time - one of the hardest I think we've been through since we got married. But on Saturday it feels like all that was redeemed - God granted Jeff an easy ordination that he sailed through, even with his particular exception to the confession. We are relieved and thankful that it went well.

And now we can really get more excited about moving! Lots of things need to happen - we have to settle on a place to live, sell our house, and then drive all the way to California with two kids and a dog in tow.

So please be praying with us for this transition  and praising God for his provision. California, here we come!


Pam said…
Good luck!! I've never been to LA so I'll be very interested to read your updates. I hope you guys all love it there!
Sue Tell said…
Thrilled to finally see this in writing.

Love the pics too in the previous and the more recent post!
Sarah said…

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