Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some things.

These shorts little snippets of posts are not as satisfying to write as the longer, soul-searching, deeply thought out posts I used to write more of, but these days this is about all the energy I have.

1. Judah has a nasty cold. He cried over lunch yesterday because Jeff wiped his nose and wouldn't stop crying until Jeff finally left to come home. I felt bad for the other doctors who were eating lunch in the same area. Then he apparently came home and slept for five hours. That is some kind of record even for my very excellent sleeper.

2. Work has been crazy busy this week, with close to 40 patients total on our list, meaning that I have had between 18 and 20 to round on every day. Today it was a little better, but sheesh, it has been an exhasuting week. The last couple of months I have been working essentially full time because of some other doctors in our practice leaving. I am looking forward to going back to part time starting next month.

3. Jeff's parents are coming to see us this week! We are very excited to spend some time with them, and excited that Judah will get to spend some time with them, too. It is always a treat when they come and visit and I'm thankful I'm not working this week so I'll get to enjoy them.

4. The following phrases are overheard a little too often around our house:
   "Mama, watch you poo-poo." (Said when Judah wants some company in the bathroom. He still refers to himself as "you" instead of "me")
   "Mama, pee pee outside" (His new obsession - peeing in the grass when we're outside)
    "Push that poo-poo out!" (He apparently likes to give himself pep talks when trying to finish business.)

5. I doubt this will happen again anytime soon, but I woke up before 5 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. (Well, that will happen again now that I'm entering the third trimester!) So I convinced myself to go to the gym before work. I remembered that I do like working out early, although I'm going to have to go to bed much earlier before this becomes a regular occurrence.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am definitely starting to get the itch to get a little more prepared for this baby. The last few weeks have been a little busy, but this week I am finally getting some time to do a little bit around the house.

The biggest project that I have in front of me is getting Judah's new room ready. I am not making a new nursery, as I still love the one we have. We are going to move Judah into a new room - my current sewing/craft room. (I will miss having one of those....) Of course in order to do that, I have to actually purge and be able to move the sewing stuff into a corner of our guest room. (We have a very large guest room that has room for my sewing table.) Today I started project purge. I am happy to say that I am getting rid of 4-5 huge bags of stuff. I've culled down my fabric stash, found a bunch of stuff to donate to our hospice store, and gotten a big bag of scraps ready to donate to Judah's nursery school. I also boxed up an entire bookshelf of books to put into our attic as they are books I've already read and shouldn't need for a while. Hopefully we won't have to unpack them until we move somewhere else.

I am feeling much better about the room - I can't do much more until we actually move my sewing table. And I can't move my sewing table until we get rid of the couch that is currently in the guest room. Then we can get the room painted and really get to work on it. I am still trying to decide exactly how much I want to do in there as we are still hoping and praying that we will be moving soon. I am definitely going to be painting - it's a dark red color right now - but that might be about it until we have a better idea about how much longer we'll be in this house.

I joked with Jeff that sometimes cleaning my sewing room looks a lot like sewing because as I clean I come across nearly-completed projects. I have finished a few of them during this purge which helps me get things put away and satisfies my crafty itch.

I also did my first bit of baby-related sewing. I'm making a very, very simple small quilt - simple as in one piece of fabric for the front and one piece for the back. I got it all quilted today and ordered some additional fabric to make the binding from. Photos will be posted when I finish!

Hopefully tomorrow will be as productive as today.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birth plans.

I have been thinking more these days about how the birth of this little one will go.

The day Judah was born went nothing like I had planned or imagined. It was a long, exhausting, and somewhat disappointing day (that ended well!) during which I spent several hours crying about the c-section I could see coming.

As disappointing as that day was, I know that I got the birth experience that God wanted to me to have. I might have chosen a different experience for myself, but seeing as how I rarely know what's best for me, I know that it was what I needed.

I was reminded today that I have even more to be thankful for that I realized. A doctor friend just gave birth over the weekend. I hear her labor was long and frustrating as well. But then, her baby immediately had trouble breathing, was intubated, and ultimately transferred to the large children's hospital in Charleston where she is struggling to survive. I have felt sick all day that I could ever have grumbled internally about my c-section, and I weep for this friend who is really having a tragic experience. You all can be praying for sweet baby Willow.

Last time, I had decided that I was not going to have a c-section and was going to have this birth in which everything went just like I wanted. Obviously that didn't happen. Although I still have ideas about how I'd like this one to go - I am hoping for a VBAC - I am trying to be much more open-minded about it. The most important thing is to have a healthy baby and healthy mama. I really would love a vaginal delivery but I don't want to be so focused on achieving one that I get so sad and disappointed if it doesn't happen that it ruins the day for me. I am thankful to have a very nice doctor who is going to support me in my desire to have a VBAC. Of course, as the day actually gets closer, numerous things could arise which could interfere with these plans. Until then, I'm praying for VBAC and that God gives me peace and contentment no matter what happens.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mars Hill

Sunday afternoon we decided to check out one of the many campuses of Mark Driscoll's church in Seattle, called Mars Hill. Although I have enjoyed numerous Mark Driscoll sermons, I would say I'm generally opposed to the idea of a multi-site mega church. (I guess since I can invite our entire church over for a party at my house, this shouldn't come as a surprise.)

I will admit, though, that the entire experience was quite good. The bathrooms were beautiful - they had these lovely wooden counters and modern-looking basin-type sinks. (It goes without saying that they were also very clean.) The rest of the decor had a very hip and modern feel. There was an introductory video about this sermon series on the book of Esther that was very well done and professional.

I'm also fairly traditional when it comes to worship style. I love singing hymns, although I do love the "RUF" versions with a more modern tune as well. I was pleasantly surprised by the music. It was loud, but not too loud, very "rock and roll", but in a good way, and the selection of songs was surprisingly traditional. As in, mostly RUF-type hymns. I was a little surprised by the mid-song rap that was performed on one song, but even that was well done.

The sermon (given by an actual, live Mark Driscoll) was good. I may be a bit biased, but I didn't think it was as good as something Jeff would have done, but he is a dynamic speaker. The only thing that bothered me was that communion was served. There was no real instruction about who should or should not take communion, no words of institution ("Then Jesus took the bread, and broke it....etc"), and everyone just sort of got it somewhat haphazardly.

Overall, it was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. All that said, I'll be very happy to be back with my small but loving church family this weekend.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More from the big city

A few more quick photo highlights: A nice view from the ferry we took one morning to a local island.
The view from our hotel room:
We also visited the quirkier side of Seattle. Although I'm thinking that many parts of Seattle could actually be considered quirky.This is a sculpture called the fremont troll, and he lives under a bridge.

We had a wonderful, relaxing time, but by the end I was very ready to come home and see my sweet boy.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

A few highlights

Seattle is a really cool city. We are having a great time and so thankful my parents were able to keep our boy so we could get away.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Some things.

1. Everyone will be happy to know that my patient who had perforated his bowel left the hospital last week, eating, walking, and even promising that he was not going to drink anymore alcohol. We can hope that he is able to stay committed to sobriety.

2. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant, nearly 25. I breathed a sigh of relief in both pregnancies at this point, knowing that if I went into labor unexpectedly my baby actually would have a good chance of making it. Of course I know things can still go wrong, but with every kick and hiccup I'm believing that I will get to meet this baby in December.

3. You know you're 24 weeks pregnant when you get excited about the new purchase of.... a pair of compression stockings. And your evening nightcap consists of two tums straight up with a zantac chaser.

4. This week is a little insane. I worked the weekend, and now we're heading on a little trip. (Photos to come!) We'll be gone, then get back and I have to go straight to work.

5. S'mores made with homemade marshmallows and homemade graham crackers taste divine.