Dry Spell

And once again I'm here, wondering how nearly a month can go by without updating the blog. We had some vacation (Yay!!), saw my younger brother graduate from medical school (double yay!!), and then came back here and had to get immediately in the swing of things (boo!). I'm not sure I've completely recovered from all that yet. Hopefully I can get some photos downloaded from the camera and do some photo posting, which seems to be about all I have the energy for these days. Even just working part time and having two kids - that is some serious business.

In other news, the resident I was supposed to work with today was in a little car wreck (he's fine) and so today I was back rounding by myself. I had almost forgotten how to dictate a discharge summary.  I had forgotten how nice it is when you have a resident around to do all the paperwork and write all the prescriptions. I wasn't quite able to make all the phone calls I needed to today, and I also think the SC hospitalist Dr. Tell would have managed to get one more discharge today, but I did the best I could.

I also seem to be having a dry spell in the dinner making department. If anyone has any easy and delicious favorites, shoot me a comment. I should probably attempt to resume some meal planning, since lately my plan has been to stare into the fridge starting about 4:30 and try to conjure something up from what I can find.  I think I need some ideas to get my excited about dinner.


Sue Tell said…
My newest summer easy favorite ...
kind of a ceasar salad inside a pita. We are really enjoying it.

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