A few things.

1. My days are mostly filled with holding and nursing a sweet baby girl. She is eating really well, sleeping so-so, and generally being exceptionally cute. We love our sweet baby and are enjoying having her as part of our family.

2. Judah has done really well with her. I imagine that it helps that Jeff works from home and so he has been able to help me out a lot. But he is very sweet with her and will help me burp her or hand me things. Our next door neighbors also got a trampoline for Christmas, and that has been a nice way to let him get some energy out. Today I stuck Naomi in the moby and we three went over for some play time after lunch. Naomi and I just watched Judah run around.

3. Now that I have a slightly neurotic dog, a newborn, and a two year old who goes to bed fairly early I find myself highly annoyed at people who set off fireworks. I mean, first of all, it isn't even New Year's Eve yet.  And secondly, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I guess that since I used to love setting off fireworks in our neighborhood, it is only fair that I have to put up with the noise now.

4. Judah says some really funny things these days. He has started to say "oh dear" if something isn't working right. He will also chastise his toys if they are malfunctioning or frustrating him by saying "That's not nice!" He sometimes if he is looking for Jeff or I will wander around the house saying "Mama, where you are?" or "Dada, Where you are?". It is adorable. He uses the "w" sound instead of an "h" sound these days as well. So he "w"ears (hears) a noise and puts things right "w"ere(here). I love his little quirks.

5. Naomi and I stayed home from church again today. I'm thinking we'll make an appearance next week, but I'm a bit paranoid with the bad flu season we are having. But instead of hearing the guest preacher we had at our church, I listened to 2 of Jeff's sermons. It was awesome. You can listen too by visiting this website. He just finished a good advent series in Isaiah, and before that he preached through Haggai. All good stuff.

6. I have ventured out with both kiddos. I went to the grocery store a few days ago and also Hobby Lobby. I sort of need a few things at Walmart but I haven't been brave enough to try and go there yet. Naomi does well in the Moby, and I can hold Judah's hand and put him in a buggy. The only problem is when Judah decides he needs to be carried, which I can't really do while also having Naomi in the wrap. I'm guessing that Naomi and I will be taking advantage of the hours Judah is in preschool to get most of our shopping done. But my extroverted self does get a little stir crazy just staying in the house so I feel much happier when I can get out a little bit.

Because I can't leave you without a photo, here are some very sweet baby feet.
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